Don’t you *dananananana* forget about me

20 May

Good news: Tesco have started doing these really nice double chocolate muffins, which I think might be baked fresh. Also, I finished my degree and have a job lined up!

I couldn't find a suitable image, so here's some happy penguins found in my Sample Pictures.

I couldn’t find a suitable image, so here’s some happy penguins found in my Sample Pictures.

Starting June 3rd, I’ll be a full-time copywriter at Feral Interactive, a cool little London-based company that takes various PC or console games, hits them with electric hammers until they work on Macs, then publishes them. Based on my interview, it sounds like I will simply get to write a bunch of stuff about games (many of which I’ll have actually played and liked) rather than having to worry about consumer-focused synergies and similar marketing whathaveyous, which happily means it’s not the kind of job where I’ll have to come up with fresh new ideas on how to alienate sane people.

The main downside, besides Greater London’s hideous rent prices, is that I won’t be able to do any journalism/criticism work (well, I could, but I’d lose the trust and respect of everyone I’ve ever known and Twitter would shout at me). So it’s with a heart the weight of a collapsing sun that I put my brief freelance career on indefinite hold. This wasn’t the plan, by any means, until I saw the vacancy last month – I’d always assumed I’d take some menial surface-wiping job and work on a writing career in whatever spare time was left. Feral gave me the chance to not only avoid this miserably unambitious path, but to be in a position where I could afford to, y’know, eat.

Many people leave games journalism cynical and broken. I’m almost relieved to be leaving it on much better terms, content in the knowledge that, maybe someday, I’ll be back. For now, however, it’s time for something new.


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