It’s Always Been Wankershim

5 Apr

Bravest Warriors is an 11-part series of animated shorts, created by Adventure Time kingpin Pendleton Ward. It’s my favourite thing that’s been uploaded to YouTube since Dubstep Guns.

Comparisons to Adventure Time are inevitable, justified, and numerous. Bravest Warriors shares an artstyle, adult-leaning sense of humour and surprising proficiency for character drama with Ward’s more famous series – indeed, pilots for both were produced at roughly the same time. And though I can’t really see anyone of note professing BW to be the best sci-fi show on YouTube, I’ve become enamoured with it with the kind of depth and force that my mere quite-liking of Adventure Time has never matched.

BW holojohn

This might have something to do with the length. One episode of Adventure Time isn’t long, of course, but the ultra-lean, five-ish-minute running time of Bravest Warriors means it’s pleasantly free of filler. There one moment in series highpoint Memory Donk – a death scene, no less – that’s howlingly funny, largely because it just happens so quickly. Despite this, it cleverly avoids feeling rushed by sticking to small-scale stories rather than staple lasers n’ lens flare action sequences. One episode revolves around procuring a bowl of cereal – it’s excellent.

BW signs

I also have a softer spot for the leads. It’s much easier to empathise with cheerful sap Chris than a monster-slaying tween and his talking dog. Danny’s origin story (bullies destroyed his time machine science project with bats) is both touching and hilarious, while Wallow and Beth are the sort of clever, charming mates that everyone wishes they knew in real life. I’d actually advise against checking out the pilot before digesting the full series, simply because there’s a needless friction between certain members of the team that was wisely cut from the final product – it’s much more enjoyable when everyone’s a bro.

Unlike most things I recommend, it costs precisely nothing to see Bravest Warriors in full: just head on over to the YouTubes. Do it, then joining me in staring wistfully at the last few months of a 2013 calendar.


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