Quick thoughts on Musestep

6 Jun

Ahahahaha. Muse, what are you doing.


That was, of course, a teaser trailer for Muse’s sixth LP, The 2nd Law. Since the band’s members don’t seem like the types to poke fun at videogame advertising conventions in their own promo material, it’s safe to assume that the hilarious dubstep bit at the end is actually on the album somewhere.

I for one think this is brilliant, and not just because I spent twenty minutes laughing at the “UNSUSTAINA-UNSUSTAINA” robot. Slapping some wub-wub (which sounds like it’s coming from one of Matt Bellamy’s tricked-out guitars – I can’t wait to see him trying to play it live, hands sliding up and down the neck like he’s trying to sand down the fret markers) alongside a gigantic orchestral intro is exactly the kind of batshit tomfoolery that makes their move away from big rock riffs no real tragedy.

For the first time in ages, I’m looking forward to an album where I don’t have the faintest idea what 95% of it is even likely to sound like. And while it would certainly be nice to have another Stockholm Syndrome or Hyper Music, stuff like this trailer – which suddenly lurches in such bizarre directions that shocked, genuine laughter is the immediate response – is a riskier but far more exciting prospect.

Hope they cut out the rubbish dialogue part, mind.


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