He doesn’t even know I murdered his best friend

12 Nov

Faced with a sheer wall of casual swearing and roughly eight references to genitalia per minute, it would be easy to get turned off Bro Team Pill‘s series of reviews before the first one ends. Regardless, the sheer speed, conviction and arbitrary agression with which they reference the insertion of one or more phalluses into things which can’t really be described as orifices is exactly why it’s my new guilty pleasure.

The YouTube channel itself is only a few weeks old, so it feels even more new and exciting than when I first discovered Zero Punctuation or Epic Meal Time months after they hit their stride. For brevity’s sake I’ll only embed a couple of episodes, but practically all of them have at least one moment of growly offbeat hilarity, and some are great from start to finish – their most recent offering, a “review” of Modern Warfare “3”, is incredibly cheeky, and the Terraria episode is a fantastically anarchic take on the New Games Journalism style.


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