Worthy Of My Vast Intellect

10 Nov

I appear to have started a freelance stint at BeefJack, the full-spectrum games site run entirely by writers and journalists, at the precise moment in which I need to start work on two dense essays, rank up in two first-person shooters, play the fifteen million indie games I got in a pay-what-you-want bundle and catch up on some feminism books* I’m meant to have read. Great job, James. Maybe you can volunteer for the TA during January exams.

The reason I bring this up is, let’s be honest, to plug myself. But wait! I do have a genuine interest in people reading and commenting on the stuff I’m doing on BeefJack, because that stuff is news. I haven’t even writing news in a training capacity in over a year, so I’m basically throwing myself into the fire and seeing if I can get out with most of my eyebrows. If I can, great – maybe I am cut out for this stuff after all. Only a few bits and bobs in my name are up at the moment – ignore that fact that I moronically put my Steam handle as my username, branding it permanently in that URL, and let me know what you think. Sometimes good journalism starts with being told you’re inept.

Ooh! I also reviewed Payday: The Heist for Gaming Daily. It’s alright.


*This probably sounds unduly dismissive of the subject matter, but I’m actually really liking my Media and Gender module; Nastasha Walter has one of the most effortlessly readable styles of any writer and genre I’ve ever seen.


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