As Seen In Print

19 Oct

Look guys, something I typed got put through a big machine that puts ink on bits of dead tree! It’s about journalism, how industry regulation hasn’t worked, why government regulation won’t either, and how we might be able to make everything better.

Click for make picture embiggen!

There are a couple of editorial choices I would have, given the chance, challenged – chiefly the headline, which boldly poses a question I didn’t actually ask anywhere in the body copy. More damningly, in hindsight there’s a tad too much opinion in there for a feature article, a possible side effect of my upbringing in the editorial-blanketed tundra of Games Journalism, and even I know the concluding argument is so optimistic I’m surprised no-one’s asked if I wrote it during an ill-advised diazepam trip. Still, I’m reasonably happy with it, especially knowing I got a relatively large piece, about journalism, in a newspaper owned and operated by a Univerity known for quality journalism tuition. Uneccessary opination or otherwise, I’m choosing to believe that counts for something.

Ideally it would take pride of place in my portfolio, but the printer/scanner combo I own isn’t quite big enough to cover a whole page using Gair Rhydd’s broadloid dimensions. I have little reason to tell you all about this excrutiatingly First World problem, except that according to WordPress, very few people seem to take a look at it.


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