And Then I Went To The Eurogamer Expo, pt.2 – The Line

27 Sep

Part 1 is here.

Apparently the Earl’s Court tube station has two exits on opposite sides, and the directions I’d been given didn’t specify which was closest to the arena itself. Regardless, it was a safe bet that the one I picked wasn’t it. After ten minutes or so of wandering around Greater London, I decided to just find a group of at least two people and tail them for a bit. Sure enough, they unknowingly led me straight to Earl’s Court proper. I should be in the next Splinter Cell.

World of Tanks brought some tanks, whereas Uncharted 3 brought a billboard. Which is fair enough, as they probably couldn't have brought any charts.

The queue to get in, six bodies wide and at least a thousand long, was a funny old thing. Even though it snaked down the side and around the back of the building, I was inside in less time than it took to get served at the MacDonald’s at JFK Airport. Still, the doors had barely cracked open, so we all had a bit of wait ahead. In the meantime, fellow punters waved idly at approaching friends, a portly man and his bearded cohort discussed the finer points of Assassin’s Creed mythology, and a passing tout quietly insulted me after I ignored his offer of an additional ticket at five times face value. I didn’t catch the whole phrase, but it began with “Fucking”.

Much like on the tube here, I glanced around to take stock of my company for the day. Aaaaaaaaaand, we’re mostly white guys in our early twenties. Well, that was fun. And liberal guilt-y.

Finally inside after a quarter-hour of phone-fiddling, I grabbed a plasticky wristband and entered the main hall: a gloriously loud cavern of glowing lights and walls upon walls of hi-def LCD screens, each one the size of my desk back home. It’s big, it’s busy, and it’s very, very exciting.

Now, to go hunch over a smallish monitor in the Battlefield 3 booth.

Next time: I actually do play some games, after lying about doing so in the previous post.


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