Acceptable Losses

22 Aug

The combination of an impending holiday to New York, mouth ulcers in three different places, a looming dwelling move and an episode of Torchwood so ridiculous I can feel my brain cells committing seppuku just contemplating making a post about it means that my desire to write for giggles is at an uncommon low. At the same time, I’m currently very happy with life – I have an impending holiday to New York, the ulcers will be gone before I’m back at Uni, and Doctor Who will be back in mere days – well before Miracle Day is concluded. There will be a showing, I believe. A showing of who is, in fact, the boss.

While I’m gone, please consider these links of a myself-ical nature. I set up an page on a whim – I’m hoping it’ll turn into something I can point potential employers/editors to as an all-inclusive catalogue of things I’ve done, with the bland uniformity of a CV replaced with the alarmingly hideous grin of an underweight twenty-year-old staring them in the face. Meanwhile, over at the always-welcoming Gaming Daily I compiled a guide to the Team Fortress 2’s best mods, fiddled with Supreme Commander: Cold War, and blasted myself through No Time To Explain’s cartoon-styled air. They were, respectively, the fastest and most popular thing I’d ever researched and written for that site, the point where I decided I would never again review a grand strategy game unless someone literally begged me, and the first piece of mine that I’ve seen being linked to elsewhere. Thanks, Explosm forum guy! You’re the best.


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