Turns Out The Stanley Parable Is Pretty Good

7 Aug

This is rapidly turning into one of those little indie darlings that journalists who like to assume greater authority over their reader’s time than me like to call a ‘must-play’. It won’t change the world, and arguably couldn’t accurately be called a parable, but yes – it’s something special indeed.

It’s best going in blind (that trailer is helpfully vague) so I’ll skimp on the details. Which isn’t difficult – it takes less than a half-hour to find all six endings, but the brief time I spent with The Stanley Parable was packed densely with clever writing and an uncommon knack for the unpredictable. There are other games (or parts of games) that explore similar themes, but few do with such wit, grace and occasional moments of palpable dread. Certainly, none do so with the dulcet tones of professional British voiceover artist Kevan Brighting, who on the strength of his performance in this tiny mod possibly deserves to become the next Nolan North.

The Stanley Parable is a free buffet for people who like to pick and choose meanings from their entertainment, and if you’ve got the Source SDK installed you can get your pretty little hands on it here. Darkly funny and constantly surprising, every second of attention it’s currently enjoying is very well-deserved.


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