Ghost Story

17 Jul

I know I said I’d stop making posts dedicated entirely to plugging my Gaming Daily pieces, but I’m just about pleased enough with one of these to put it in the Featured section on that there sidebar – and that means it needs its own space, the greedy sod. Firstly though, here’s my review of exploralicious Fallout: New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts, in which I complain that people aren’t sufficiently upset with me. Mainly though, I’d appreciate a read of my late look at Nightmare House 2 – an ultra-creepy horror mod for Half-Life 2 Episode 2. I ended up chatting to its creator/director (my first proper interview since chatting to a man leading a trio of Minis across the UK for my local rag in 2006) after considering about four hundred and seven possible angles for what was my first time playing something that’s been around for nearly a year. I love that GD puts me on a long enough leash that I can go off on one like that, after simply being told to check it out a bit, and not be met with confused looks and ‘We asked for a review…’. Such a relationship also slightly alleviates the guilt associated with the fact that that I haven’t thought of anything new or interesting enough to submit to them since this. Hooray journalism!


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