The other Welsh Question

14 Mar

Where does Wales fit into videogames culture?

It’s strange – usually when I get an idea for a games feature, it’s a) when I’m playing a game I like or b) when I’m thinking about a game I like. The idea from this came from reading in PC Gamer that there’s a character in Dragon Age II (a game I neither play nor like, based on my miserable experience with the demo) who was “delightfully Welsh”. Only a small part of me is Welsh, and I’ve lived in Wales less than a year, but there comes a point where you think “Hang on, why is this so exceptional it’s considered worthy of noting?” I’ve not enjoyed anything that took this long to write quite as much, and I’ve not been this anxious about feedback since I went for the ‘job’ in the first place. I’d appreciate you giving it a read. Then clicking on some ads.

Less ambitious but considerably less chin-strokey is my account of discovering a simple but extremely funny feature of a certain Fallout: New Vegas mod. I don’t have anything of value to say about this, it’s just amusing to sprint into people so fast they fly backwards. Journalism!


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