The most hated of all possible fucks

27 Feb

The Bravery never call any more. There have been a couple of times – one in the latter days of school, the other during the Greggs sausage roll-filled haze of what’s left of my A-level memories – where I’d listen to little else, despite the fact that news of UK tours are kept to a whisper and their albums come out here literally months after the US release. Jesus that sentence was long.

Regardless, with regards to my listening habits it’s been all quiet on the Noo Yoik synth-rock front for a couple of years now. Only a recent and faintly curious check of their Wikipedia page revealed they’ve not only got a new LP out, and it’s been public since 2009. I’m a horrible music fan. Strangely, it’s nowhere to be seen on Play, and it’s a laughable £22 (to pre-order! In 2011!) on Amazon, but they’ve very kindly put a few singles on Youtube. The clear best is this one (not safe for work, though why you’d be inclined to read this at work is beyond me):

2005’s self-titled album was dark with occasional flashes of brilliance, and The Sun and The Moon was more consistently pleasurable but lacked a certain edge. If the rest of the third album is like Hatefuck, it’ll be better than both. Jarring synths carried by a simple, swaggering bassline, dropping into big breakneck choruses? I love that shit! It’s also complete filth, basically, and while I can give or take that particular quality in music, here it’s coupled with a clarity that should really work against it. Conversely, it works magnificently. We’re back on.


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