RE: Your eyes

24 Feb

Done! More or less. It would be nice to have the little dots in the slightly-too-wide margins somewhat darker, but that would require entering Coding Territory, a vast and unwelcoming place.


EDIT: It happened again.

I wasn’t really feeling the aesthetics nor the convoluted manner in which Featured posts were set up with Duster, so I plumped for yet another new theme. Definitely sticking with this one. Maybe. Either way, the habit of featured images appearing at the top of each post on the front page, even when the same image is in the goddamn post itself, has to go.

The downside – besides it being nearly 1 in the morning – is that I’ve inadvertently ripped off my editor. Sorry Craig.


So yeah, things got changed.

This was partly a conscious move to update the garish blues of yesterblog, and partly done on a whim – it’s a new theme, and the release was deemed sufficiently important enough to warrant space on my dashboard, so I investigated. Best part of an hour later, here I am.

It was also kind of an accident. In lieu of an obvious ‘preview’ button, I clicked ‘Activate’ thinking it would just add the new theme to some sort of list that could be browsed at my leisure. Instead it completely engulfed my blog. It’s taken some tweaking make it feel suitably personalised, and there’s still some work to be done – my attempt at my desired hexagons is less than flawless, I’m sure you can tell – but I’m hungry for oven pizza, so I’m leaving it for the time being.

The main thing that tempted me to this design is the ‘Featured’ feature, which this blog now features. I’ve wanted something like this – though maybe on not such a screen-hogging scale – ever since happening across the site formerly known as James, and though I’ve yet to find a way to rotate Featured posts on  the front page it’s still a box checked on my list of Stuff I Want On My Blog/Website Thing. Next up is readers.


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