Stoved in

18 Feb

WordPress is having what my old Dad used to call a bit of a paddy, so here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been unable to shout in your face about (before I lose the ability again):

Gaming Daily is currently being sexified, with additional sexy hexagons. It’s still full of sexy words – behold Craig Lager and Paul Millen make some irritatingly valid criticisms of my main in-game fight tactic, and cast your eyes upon Chris Thursten explaining why he won’t play Minecraft. In less sexy (in fact, kind of odd-looking and bespectacled) matters, I did a short bit on Raccord Sniper, the game where you snipe chairs for no reason.

– Speaking of redesigns, I’m considering tweaking this place a bit. The huge, slightly obnoxious expanses of blue are starting to grate. Maybe I could get hexagons as well? Are there enough going round?

– I was in print, briefly, reviewing Jerk for our University student magazine. Infuriatingly, it was sub-edited to within an inch of its life, mangling perfectly acceptable sentences into fragmented, borderline illegible clauses. I won’t go into detail here, but I am genuinely annoyed that my portfolio remains unbeefed due to human error which isn’t mine for once.

– So annoyed, in fact, I went back the next week and offered to cover some music for them. Welcome to bottom-rung  journalism, kids. It’s not as pronounced as when I ramble about Muse etc. on here, but writing critically about music has a remarkably different feel than writing about games. To tell the truth, I’m not sure I like it.

– TF2 and New Vegas continue to dominate my playing habits. I had a wonderful game on Goldrush Stage 2 where, as a Pyro, I crouch-pushed the bomb cart past two level 3 sentry guns, their respective Engineers, and a Heavy, all the way from the bridge outside RED spawn to the final capture point, their bullets pinging uselessly off my piece of mobile cover (that just happened to be a massive bomb). I also enthused – about 1,000 words worth of enthusianium, in fact – about one of the lesser advertised features of Project Nevada, a very impressive mod for New Vegas that does away with many of the original’s failings. Maybe it’ll be up for reading some time.

– I know, I’ll link something to end this awkwardly stitched-together itchy quilt of a post. How about Foo Fighter’s new, brilliantly awful music video?


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