A thought

2 Feb

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a great film – a gloriously colourful visual feast, with sharp writing and relentlessly kinetic action scenes performed hilariously by mostly skinny white people. And while it’s based on a comic, a significant degree of influence – both visually and musically – comes from computer games.

Does it make it difficult for anyone over 35 to enjoy? I wouldn’t know, but maybe. Regardless, take a look at Pilgrim’s Metacritic score, compared to those of films which are more clearly based on specific game series. I therefore put forward the notion that Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is the best ‘game film’ ever made.

Ideally, film makers looking to adapt videogames would draw upon what makes them enjoyable: their inherent sense of fun combined with the embrace of the impossible. But it’s too late for that, and as such we’ve been left with a wilting daisy chain of mirthless, unimaginative action flops. Perhaps more game films should take note of Scott Pilgrim – wear your gaming influence on your sleeve, and maybe you’ll get more audiences leaving with smiles rather than intentions to angrily and unfavourably compare your creation with the source material on internet forums.

Because y’know, that never happened with this film.


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