I’m not unemployed, I’m just freelance

18 Jan

What do you get a 20-year-old trainee journalist for his birthday?

I chuckled at the time, naturally, but on further deliberation I decided this hit a bit close to home. Even with my current, thoroughly immodest workload (including two essays that are, thanks to Cardiff University’s numbingly pointless ‘alternative subject’ scheme, completely useless and irrelevant to my degree) I find dicking around on the internet takes up a worrying amount of my time. Even to me.

The most tragic casuality in my leisurely war on productivity has been my games writing, something I’m eager to both expand and improve. Which I honestly can’t say for my skills in deducing why a Welsh Nationalist party was formed in 1925 or posting photographs of a mug. On the other hand, maybe it’s because I lack new games to blather about. Could it be that the way to put an end to my loafing is, of all things, to buy and play more videogames?


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