Biffier Than Thou

15 Dec

Biffy Clyro – who I’m convinced are impossible to stop enjoying talking about – have given their verdict on the X Factor-o-fied cover of Many Of Horror. Of winner Matt Cardle’s rendition, they say:

“The whole thing’s a bit surreal.”

Yeah? Not nearly as surreal as seeing the front page of the BBC’s Entertainment section adorned with drummer Ben Johnston’s ginger, improbably joyous face.

Laughing in the face of hair loss.

Biffy and their many, varied Clyroes have been teetering on the brink of nationwide nuclear turbosuccess for a good three years now, but despite the tens of thousands of fans (accrued over more than a decade’s touring) and two mainstream-friendly (but still delightfully weird and powerful) albums since 2007, they still seem – to me – like the friendly bearded Scotsmen Who Could. They’ll tear your face off with an arena-filling run through Jaggy Snake then buy you a pint afterwards and ask if you had a good time. And while trickle-down coverage from an X Factor single probably isn’t how they nor I expected them to join the Premier League, there’s not a damn band in the world who deserve it more. Good luck to them, and I look forward to seeing Simon Neil’s piercing yet strangely approachable stare on many more magazine covers to come. As bloody weird as that will be.


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