Oh look, my internet works again

16 Nov

Following a brief period a brief period where my usually-reliable internet connection fell on its face (irritatingly timed with a Team Fortress 2 league match, which by sheer chance was cancelled at the elevenenth hour), I can not get back to the business of not doing anything with this blog.

Why? It’s partly down to my hedonistic student lifestyle (I saw the three main cast members of Doctor Who last week, shit was crazy) and partly my usual outbursts of lengthy game-related wordy nonsense are being absorbed by Gaming Daily. To be a bit more specific, here’s my Hierarchy of Priorities:

Should you wish to enjoy my GD output so far, mosey your mouse over to these links: my account of a stressful, magnificent first game of competititve TF2 (includes my argument as to why the Spy is the most exciting class), and my review of White – a student-made painting/FPS hybrid cheese dream. Stick around: my next looks set to be a look at a game where you play an octopus in his continuing attempts to hide his true eight-legged identity from the human family he has created. Hot stuff!


One Response to “Oh look, my internet works again”

  1. Sophie November 18, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    I’m disturbed by how low on your list of priorities keeping your hair clean and soft comes =[.

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