I say

8 Oct

Gasp! I’m going to start doing occasional freelance bits for Gaming Daily, an actual PC games site that exists!

My first esoteric, incredibly lengthy piece is now up. It’s a slightly re-written (i.e. better, and with a GD-added title much better than anything I could come up with) draft of my real-estate-judging Fallout 3 post from a while back, and was part of the begging email I sent to editor Craig in the hope of being tossed the odd review for the sequels to some five-year-old Morris Marina simulator. Instead they wanted that 1,000 word beast and very nicely invited me to do more feature stuff in the future. Result!

Go forth and provide traffic, so I can disproportionately inflate my sense of worth more than I already have over the past two days.


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