6 Sep

I thought this kind of non-ironic “Sick, blud” bullshit was confined to the odd Citroen-driving, belt-challenged cretin and those lame pamphlets soon-to-be-undergrads get in the post telling them not to label their stuff  ‘coz wanting to avoid your forks being pinched is, like, so not nang maaaate. Evidently, it’s now infecting my online existence as well.

Facebook is a funny one – I wouldn’t put up with this sort of marketing idiocy on, say, a news site or blog, but on this particular site it’s more of a deeply unpleasant undercurrent to a free service I frequently find both helpful and efficient. It’s like listening to a song by a band you like that can be streamed online for nothing, with the sound of a bucket of hornets being hurled through a window inserted every forty seconds.


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