Good things that have happened to me recently, via the medium of extreme close ups

25 Aug

Firstly, this arrived:

How excited am I about this particular gig? Whilst triumphantly reading band names aloud, my brother interjected: “Who decided that lineup? You?” It might as well have been – it feels like I’ve spent as much time listening to Muse and Biffy as I have to people talking. The former was the defining band in my younger self’s formation of musical tastes and the latter is the only group I can think of that I switch on just to hear a specific couple of riffs. The last few bars of Born on a Horse (at about the two minute mark) could quite possibly be my favourite musical moment of the last two years.

They’ve played together before, even at the same venue, but this is the first time I’ve not been in a different country or had to change dates to the one with the fucking Streets supporting instead. I’ll still have to stand at the side, mind, in order to avoid being The Tall Bastard That Blocks Everyone’s View.

In more autoprostitutional news, LOOK WHAT I DID. Even though the A* was more a product of luck than anything else (I didn’t revise much; to get into my favourite university I needed 12% from one exam), these results have given a last-minute spit shine on what was otherwise a lengthy, bleak year, most of which was spent being resentful about the fact that I wasn’t doing something more important than A Levels. This confirmation that it wasn’t all that bad, you view-blocking cretin, has led me to decide I owe an apology to everyone I bitched about it to, including you clever, physically and spiritually attractive blog readers. More importantly, that includes a few choice people who have all been very, very nice to me, more so than I perhaps deserve (but am immeasurably grateful for nonetheless). So, um, yeah. Sorry.

Now, to avoid ending on an appropriately serious note, here’s some Team Fortress characters acting out a brief scene from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.



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