Resistance 3 sings the blues

18 Aug

Insomniac Games announced Resistance 3 yesterday at Gamescom, a move which surprised absolutely no-one and hugely excited me.

The series as a whole (to an extent this includes the PSP spin-off Retribution) has been a beacon of gloriously slick combat, satisfying and clever weapon design and genuinely intriguing lore. That said, the prevalence of gruff, black armour-wearing spec ops types in Resistance 2 felt like it was watering down the otherwise effective contrast between hi-tech alien invasion and realistic 1950’s culture that made the first game feel unique, despite Men Shooting Big Angry Monsters not being a particularly groundbreaking concept. Judging by the live-action reveal teaser, they gone done and fixed that, son.

Gone are the gravelly voice-overs and military jarhead characters, replaced by a band of dishevelled travellers who just so happen to be skilled with firearms. The scenery’s changed too – instead of burning cities, shadowed by alien aircraft, we’re treated to a macabre train ride through no-man’s land that features scenes that could easily be from a post-Reaver attack in Firefly. Considering the omniprescence of the CoDs, Battlefields and Medal of Honours, playing as a scavenger waging guerilla war on the enemy -in the fifties – sounds as interesting and, for a sequel, innovative as it could be possibly get. Especially if we can have that twangy guitar soundtrack.


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