Fallout: New Vegas to feature Felicia Day, Chandler from Friends

12 Aug

It’s been a month full of Day around these parts; first there was the awesome music video in the post below, then I actually watched some more of The Guild (it’s pretty neat for the most part, peaking so far with a majestically hilarious visual gag in the third episode of the latest series), and now it transpires she’s voicing a companion in Fallout: New Vegas. I have nothing but high hopes for this game, and not just because it’s the followup to my favourite RPG since Pokemon Gold. Now, in addition, I can have Felicia Day come adventuring with me. Game of the Year! 10/10! 97%!

The other actor Whose Name Actually Rings A Bell is Matthew “Could I be any more” Perry. I know I mustn’t typecast, but…surely I won’t be the only one who’ll be saddened if his character lacks the self-deprecating wit that made him the only person on Friends with consistently acceptable comic timing?

Also on the cast list is Danny Trejo, who was in Predators (which I still haven’t seen, probably owing to my failure to convey the dumb brilliance of the original Predator to possible cinema-attending associates) and Hellboy’s Ron Pearlman, returning to say the words “War never changes” in a gruff voice in exchange for more money than I’ll ever have. In case this paragraph seems less excited than the first, it’s because it’s always nice to see someone like Day involved in games – a person not only demonstrably talented, but with a passion for games themselves. Liam Neeson’s great and all, but once he was done reading lines for Fallout 3 he probably didn’t go home and try to reach fifth prestige in COD4.


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