8 Jul

Engy Week continues, and with the finding of another 25 sparkling golden wrenches comes another new Payload Map.

Hightower appears to be a tight little romp through RED’s lovingly detailed shack base, probably ending in those laser/radar contraptions blowing up half the server’s occupants. There’s some good height variation in that shot as well – always nice to see.

The two most exciting things that have been added to the update page, however, have only been teased. A fearsome-looking wrench/knuckleduster hybrid sits on the workstation at the bottom, an unlockable monstrosity seemingly designed by community member WatchMaker|. “Yes, the WrenchMaker| joke has been made”, his Steam profile drawls whilst rolling its eyes. What’s so special about this pointy tool? Will punching sentries with the sharp bit still magically repair it? Would having a KnifeWrench instead result in legal action from Bill Lawrence?

Even more mysterious this:

Click for the original.

A series of candid snaps apparently showing the Engineer packing up a Level 2 Sentry, carrying it and deploying it again elsewhere. Further intrigue: his carrying stance is not only different to the existing toolbox-holding position, but identical to a pose in a screenshot sent to a community site a few days ago. If he can indeed pick up his guns and move them with his toolbox, it’s a vastly preferable alternative to the fully mobile sentrybot that was the subject of whispers a while back. This, combined with the Wrangler, suggests Engineers will have the chance to be more tactical and flexible with their buildables, perhaps at the cost of movement or direct attack capabilities – he’s certainly not going to be whipping out a shotgun with that thing on his shoulder.


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