Modern Warfare 2’s first map pack costs TEN POUNDS SEVENTY-NINE

23 Apr

Oh MW2, what have they done to ya.

Not content with machine-gunning the morale at devs Infinity Ward by, sacking the founders and causing the fairly small team to bleed more high-ranking staff than the characters in their games bleed eyeball jam, publishers Activision have seen it fit to price the upcoming Stimulus Package DLC (five new maps, including two from COD4) at over 25% of what the full game costs at retail. I can think of a few game addons I’d happily pay a tenner for (such as Left 4 Dead 2’s The Passing, which hit yesterday), but it’s hard to imagine five maps being worth TEN POUNDS SEVENTY-NINE unless they contain voucher codes for free muffins and pizza scrawled on the in-game walls. Which, according to most reviews, they don’t.

I’m not angry that I can’t afford the new content – I can – or concerned that it could split the community between those that own it and those that don’t, because there isn’t one. I’m just sad. Sad that the people who run one of the biggest games publishing companies in the world know so little about games that they think this is a price representative of the content within. Sad that one of my favourite developers, whose games have provided me with literally hundreds of hours of excitement, joy, action and accomplishment, have been reduced to a practically leaderless skeleton crew by questionable corporate politics and bizarre human resources decisions, their magnificent opus exploited by the higher-ups well past the point where they could turn a good profit and into the area of champagne jacuzzis and solid chocolate statues of Bobby Kotick. TEN POUNDS SEVENTY-NINE.

There is one shining ray of hope, mind you. A while back I said to a gamer buddy of mine that the best possible thing for IW would be a mass exodus of talent, away from the sticky fingers of Activision, and a fresh start with the backing of a publisher with less of a penchant for moustache-twirling. Almost miraculously, that seems to be exactly what’s happened. Best of luck to them.


One Response to “Modern Warfare 2’s first map pack costs TEN POUNDS SEVENTY-NINE”

  1. mw2 June 15, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    Hey I was wondering if you could write a detailed mw2 guide on kill streaks. I would really appreciate it.

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