What was I thinking? – My old PC monitor

12 Apr

Buy cheap, pay twice. And I did.

When I first bought my PC, it was inevitable I’d end up having wallet cramps if I wanted to run games on it. Therefore I cut costs everywhere else: the speakers, the mouse, the keyboard, and indeed the monitor were either a gift or the cheapest type in the Argos catalogue. Everything but the latter in that list has since been replaced with something better, more shiny, or with more buttons. I’ve recently been sitting on slightly more money than I really deserve at the moment, so I trumped up some reasons to upgrade the screen as well (except I didn’t need to exaggerate the weird, perfectly circular speck near the top left corner. That was plain irritating. Might have been glue) and ended up with this sparkling LG beauty I’m using now. The Optiquest (I’ve never heard of it either) is now sat in my hallway, facing away from my open door, as if it was filled with regret and shame. Which I now know to be entirely justified.

The Optiquest was the kind of monitor you could safely use in the dark (don’t ask) because whatever hamster on a wheel that makes the pictures appear was being fed on nothing but shredded bits of the News of the World, so even the harsh whites of Wikipedia and MS Word appeared dull and lacklustre, like the “before” t-shirt in a Daz advert. I think I can fit one more analogy in there. It was like it was MADE IN SLOUGH. The gorgeous colours and glorious brightness that my new model has quite literally brought to the table (and has breathed new life into the likes of Just Cause 2, a visual miracle of a game that really didn’t deserve the old one) just wasn’t there.

Plus, I don’t know how they managed to make a flatscreen that looks like it’s older than me, but there you go. Every aesthetic feature of this monitor screams, by which I mean half-heartedly mumbles, “Ehhhhhhh”. Even the power button looks inferior to the sexy curves of the one on the LG.

I wish it had racing stripes to make it turn on faster.

Finally, I guess I should say something insulting about the aspect ratio. Um. 16:10? More like shitsteen ten! You heard.


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