Labour attempt to destroy David Cameron by representing him as impossibly cool

4 Apr

The problem with using iconography of Gene Hunt’s calibre is that it’s easy to ignore the shouty white text immediately to the right. Actually, that’s not the real problem – that would be drawing comparisons between your arch nemesis and someone who, however fictional, has become so nationally loved that people pay good money to have things he said once printed across their shirts.

I mean, come on people. I know Labour themselves didn’t make this ad (from the sounds of it, this was the winning entry in some kind of propaganda competition – though if they did it themselves then maybe they could’ve afforded to make the head the right size) but if you want people to associate Cameron with Margaret Thatcher, the person you should be Photoshopping his head onto is Margaret Thatcher. Not, I repeat not, a grumpy but lovable copper who appears to be in charge of a good portion of the afterlife.

I bet more people would vote for you as well. “Who was that party that revealed David Cameron as secretly having the body of an elderly woman? I liked them.” It would be hilarious.

Of course, Cameron and his PR Pals (as they’re collectively known when they fight crime on the streets of Westminster at night) turned it into a compliment, despite not going as far as to suggest the ideal policing method involves female officers making all the tea and punching poor people. But they didn’t get it right either:

The head is becoming a real problem now, isn’t it? First it’s the babyish component of a nightmarish bobblehead, now Gene Hunt has a melted plum where his face should be. I feel for Phillip Glenister, I really do. It can’t be easy having your likeness screwed around with like this, even before the Lib Dems have had a go. Christ, imagine their effort.

Crudely edited they may be, they are quintessentially British in the sense that they’re both a little bit rubbish. This is just one of the reasons why American politics are so much more interesting. I didn’t follow the Yank’s advertising campaigns in any detail, but I’ll bet at least image was made where Barack Obama is portrayed fighting off Jackals with John McCain’s facial features from atop a winged unicorn with a platinum sword, most of which is on fire. Yup, I’ll definitely bet.


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