Life-size sex robot revealed, is terrifying

27 Jan

Serenity is a great film, isn’t it? Just a shame all the cool sci-fi stuff like spaceships and hovercars amd futuristic DVD players suspended over a giant whirring mechanical chasm doesn’t actually exist – until now!

At least the one on the left is fully poseable

Left: THE FUTURE. Right: NOW!

Okay, so it’s just the wife-bot owned by Mr. Universe. Remember the thinly-veiled horror on Nathan Fillion’s face when he saw her? Not enough – this model comes with extra lashings of creepy.

Meet Roxxxy, with three x’s. She comes with lifelike skin, because apparently that makes it less weird, weighs less than six stone, and can be plugged into a computer so you can programme her likes and dislikes! Why don’t OUR girlfriends have USB ports, men all over the world are no doubt now asking.

Sadly, whilst being capable of speech, she can’t move, which is especially disconcerting considering her default “Cyberman-on-a-rollercoaster” pose up there.And look at her face! Who the hell is this marketed at? Has a man ever stopped midway through and said “Dear, do you think you could look more like you’re watching the bit in Transformers 2 where Optimus Prime dies?”


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