2009 in Youtube videos

9 Jan

I was going to do a regular boring old 2009 recap with stuff like music and games. Yawn! So instead – partly because they are a surprisingly large portion of my daily entertainment intake, partly because I don’t really talk about videos much here – here are the YouTube videos that made my year.

Let me make it clear that I have no time for intelligent stop-motion concept films or horrific exposes on the maltreatment of unloved krill, YouTube exists solely for my short-term entertainment and so these videos are mostly of a trivial or throwaway nature, except the one with Felicia Day in it. I’ve tried putting them in chronological order, but I’m tired and looking at the dates they were uploaded is harder than it looks, probably.

What Happens When Louis Gets His Pills

The video that launched a thousand copycat videos and, despite being only twelve seconds long, single-handedly spawned one of the biggest memes in videogames. It’s utterly stupid, but like Die Another Day and, in fact, many of the videos in this list, I can’t help but love it for it. Also: catchy as fuck.

Slap Chop Rap

For the first time, I’m jealous of American advertising. Whereas we get some penny-polishing chump who sounds like he’s pitching to a deaf baby, the USA gets masterful auto-tunage (yes, this did become a genuine advert). Funny to watch but also good to listen to, hence pride of place on at least two of my driving mixtapes. Also: catchy as fuck.

Darkplace clips

Yes, Darkplace is from 2004. Yes, neither of these were uploaded in 2009. But I only saw it, in a room full of hungover friends whilst stealing the host’s Weetos in a sunny Spring morning last year, so meh. The first of these is one of only two things to make me cry laughing this year (when this happens I sort of go foetal and shake whilst uncontrollably giggling, like I’m being electrocuted by someone who just slipped on a banana peel through a French window) and the other, in a single shaky zoom and raised eyebrow, demonstrates a) Darkplace is genius b) Matt Berry is hilarious and c) the syllable “merrr” is hypnotic to behold.

Full Life Consequences: Free Man

Whilst the appeal of arm-waving bobbleheads in Garry’s Mod vids has worn thin, this 20-minute epic shows how funny the results are when a group of talented animators bundle into a GMod server and start blowing shit up to the tune of some of the worst fan fiction to stink up the english language. This is the last in the Full Life Consequences series, and so whilst there’s an air of poignancy to the proceedings it also features the best mock-fight scene since Team America. Better in fact, this one features Rob Dougan. Also: the remix at the end? Catchy as fuck.

Auto-Tune the News #6

The best of the ATTNes, all of which are worth checking out. More eerily robotic voices from the mouths of all your favourite US newscasters, with a hearty dollop of genuine musicianship. What do you mean you don’t have any? Also: catchy as fuck, especially the Palin bridge.

BolegBro’s The Apprentice…with Lego

No idea where they got the idea from but they should be given some bloody money for it. Clever plastic reimaginings of the thinking man’s reality show. Again, I’m only posting my personal favourite but they’re all good stuff.


I don’t have a single fucking idea what it’s about, only the fact that I watched the loyfe cycle bit upwards of fifteen times.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Felicia Day. Also: catchy as fuck. Especially the rap.


Don’t bother suggesting this was piracy in any way, the song wasn’t released on any format and I’d hate to have to embarrass you by showing you the expensive collector’s edition of the album I pre-ordered on the day it was available to do so. Right, enough unnecessary self-justification – more Bubbles! It really is a fantastic song, and this upload did it’s best to keep my gnashing ears at bay (what? – Sense Ed.) until I had the CD in my hands. Heavy and reserved in all the right places, soaring voice, catchy as fuck – I don’t want to get all objective about music but if you don’t love Biffy Clyro your heart is made of fucking aluminium, man.

Top Gear: Hammerhead Eagle-i Geoff Thrust (or whatever) crash tests

The electric car so rubbish everyone forgot what it was called was responsible for the other crying/laughing/shaking fit I had this year. What they do that makes it funny is so unlike the usual blokish humour present on Top Gear- maybe that, and Clarkson’s facial expressions around the 2:12/2:13 mark, is what make it so brilliant.

Oh My God It’s Christmas

Jesus, was 2009 the year of the autotune or something? Anyway a series of Left 4 Dead 2 sound clips wasn’t the most likely competitor for the Talking Stove Christmas Internet Video Number 1 but this came out of nowhere (seriously, I can’t even remember how I found it) to clinch a place in my favourites and the final spot in my list of 2009’s videos. Time to end, before you all lose the last shreds of respect you might have had for me, no doubt left in your minds I have nothing better to do than watch nerdy YouTube clips. Also: catchy as fuck.


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