Point/Counterpoint: Is the Twilight series any good?

7 Dec


says Nicole Humphries, Costa Junior Manager and Internet user

“Shut UP Twilight is the best!!!! I love it in the second book where there’s a werewolf and MORE VAMPIRES I love vampires, except the oldy kind of vampires like in that film that ins’t twilight. They look kinda gross. Also she gets pregnant in the end, ISN’T THAT COOL? BABY VAMPIRES 😀 😀 😀 I hope I don’t get pregnant though lol.”


says Jon Vance, former fishmonger and Internet user

TWATLIGHT MORE LIKE DO YOU GET IT I TOOK THE WORD TWAT AND PUT IN THE WORD TWILIGHT SO THAT PEOPLE WHO READ IT ARE TWATS DO YOU GET IT. Lol. LOL! I saw the DVD cover in Waterstones and it had that prick in Harry Potter who got all killed and also little girls like it so it must be shit, I prefer intelligent stuff like Batman.”


says Pol Pot, deceased tyrant



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