Review: Nick Griffin on Question Time

23 Oct

Rookie political party the BNP’s back catalogue isn’t great, bar some minor sleeper hits in June this year. As industry giants Labour and the Conservatives continue their dominance of the politics biz, can this highly anticipated collaboration between BNP head honcho Nick Griffin and the veterans of Question Time turn their fortunes around?


The face of a man with no neck left to lose and a score to settle

It’s off to a bad start. Animation and voice acting are realistic, graphics are photorealistic and the framerate is faultless, but the technical brilliance shoots itself in the foot – the stoney deadness of primary antagonist Jack Straw’s face damages the immersion factor and Griffin’s wonky eye makes him not just an unsightly character (it might have worked better as an FPS) but difficult to emphasise with. Racism, homophobia, and the eye thing.

Gameplay is shallow as a spoon, the only real interactivity coming from unmarked quick time events which have little effect on the final outcome – the volume might go up or down, and the channel might change, but the storyline remains unchanged. Thankfully cliches such as space marines, a docks level and regenerating health are absent, but the action never evolves beyond Chris Huhne occasionally shuffling in his seat.

That said, what it lacks in thrills it makes up for with originality – only one other release this year utilises the concept of a right-wing idiot contradicting himself for an hour so effectively (NSDAP Manager 2010 – see page 78 for our review), and the feeling of dodging questions whilst having a studio audience whale on your arse with logic is impressively realised. High production values attempt to mask an otherwise uninspiring experience, and there’s definitely some sharp writing and likeable characters outside of the male lead – Bonnie Greer is likely to be a fan favourite, and Jack Straw puts in an enthusiastic, if sometimes wobbly prosodics-wise, performance.

Sadly, such things aren’t enough to save Nick Griffin On Question Time from the bargain bin. Replayability is harmed by inducing regular bouts of rage and astonished disbelief, and overall its motivations are suspect. Whether they’ll be a sequel remains to be seen, but it’s time to banish this experience to obscurity where it belongs.

Score: 4/10

Get Plants Vs. Zombies instead.

Photo credit (where it’s due and all that) to this nice chap.


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