This just in; the new Doctor Who logo sucks

6 Oct

Remember the eighties? The BBC does:

Much like London’s 2012 Olympic logo, this ugliness might have just been gotten away with before graphic design technologies stopped being crap. What’s with that font? It’s the only typeface I’ve seen in my life that looks indecisive, flicking between serif and sans like someone scrolled through MS Word’s font list too fast and it got all mixed up.

Special Awful Mention to what might have once been the TARDIS, which is now wrapped in tinfoil and has had those nasty sharp corners sanded down. It looks like the sort of thing they show for fie seconds with some foreboding music  to tease an upcoming yet unannounced release – something that obviously hints at something iconic. Doesn’t really work when you’ve got “DOCTOR WHO” in all its chrome-ish glory right next to it. Compare it to this cover of Game Informer hinting at new weird-ass-sounding steampunk Disney game Epic Mickey. Imagine “IT’S GODDAMNED MICKEY MOUSE” in all caps next to it and you’ve essentially got this.


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