Arrest that man

5 Oct

I was a little confused when an article appeared on, a Left 4 Dead fansite, that featured several similarities with my post about custom maps I wrote back in July. More specifically, it was exactly the same as my post about custom maps I wrote back in July.

It’s not the perfect crime – every single image source code points back here, the style of captions on my blog caused some minor cosmetic spacing problems, the colour of the ‘re-created’ links is fuck ugly on the Boomercharged theme, and the perpetrator makes no attempt to hide his identity as someone I play with on a regular basis. Next time you get incapped, Deathliger, I’ll just watch! And laugh!

Actually, I’m oddly unconcerned by it. It’s nice knowing something you’ve written is on a fairly popular (though nowhere near Francis or Livingston in terms of quality, oooh sick burn) website with page views I can only dream of, and what little feedback it’s had has been pretty decent – even amongst the famously rabid L4D community. Deathliger himself seems like a nice enough guy, despite this despicable atrocity, and it’s not like he’s maliciously stolen anything of worth. I’ll probably just try and passive-aggressively make him uncomfortable about it in Steam chat later. I’m mature like that.


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