Postcards from the Uncharted 2 beta

3 Oct

I’ve been playing the public beta – which these days is just another way of saying “demo” – of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, sequel to what I thought was a stellar action/adventurer on the PS3, and a game that’s been receiving preposterously good reviews across the board. It comes out later this month and I can’t wait, and thus didn’t.

I’ve only played deathmatch and Co-op so far, but my favourite mode is the movie maker system. Games are automatically recorded (without a drop in framerate quality, unlike the PC’s FRAPS program which turns games in Powerpoints) and can be played back, from any angle, at multiple speeds, and paused so you can take screenshots. This is exactly what I did.

I started out on the ‘Heroes’ team as a heroic, uh, old man. It did not go well.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_29

For instance, this dick who found a riot shield in the Nepalese mountains charged through my hail of wildly innacurate automatic fire and slotted me with a pistol.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_27

Here, we both tried meleeing each other. I missed completely.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_30

He knocked me off a cliff.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_32

More or less because we had me on our team, we lost. And if that isn’t enough personal pronouns for you, I. Though when the next match began I was playing as the genero-tastic Villains. I chose the character with the gasmask, because I once saw a TV show which said the SAS wear gasmasks to look intimidating as well as prevent them from dying, and went gunning for the good guys.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_6

Here I am murdering the game’s main character. There were about four Nathan Drakes running around, though I still managed to harass this particular Drake.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_9

I informally teamed up with that guy on the right to lay down a double-Kalashikov smackdown on the square-jawed yet extremely likable chump. My buddy was actually shot mere microseconds after this was taken, but I have no sympathy- note his inferior cover technique.

Drake Clone eventually caught up with me, following me into the map’s underbelly and clouting me. I deserved it a bit.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_10

Of course, my real enemy in that game was the nefarious Grenade.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_13

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_15

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_16

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_17

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_18

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_19


After my arse was on the wrong end of two seperate kickings, I switched maps to a gorgeously detailed village. My luck started to change, even if the Drake:Non-Drake ratio did not.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_4

When you kill someone, you can hear their voice chat for a short time afterwards. I knew this guy was chasing me so I high-tailed it into the first floor of a shack, then spun and pointed my shotgun at the top of the ladder I just climbed. Sure enough he followed suit and was met with a chest full of buckshot. The guy controlling him was audiably displeased.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_22

It was actually an act of revenge for this close-range drubbing I recieved from one of the Drakes, who all seem to have a problem with being in focus. It wasn’t actually the same dude, but being killed with the puny AK47 when you have the mighty M4 carbine doesn’t so much sting the pride as it does create fiery hatred.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_23

I doused it, in a sense.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_25

I don’t know who this is but his rocket looks cool.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_33

The seething irritation of a man being shot. Even in multiplayer, the animations and facial expressions are top-notch, with the exception of death – characters clutch at their wounds and flail like the hilarious ragdolls they are, but their faces become eerily blank. It’s unsettling to behold, but you’re doing something wrong if you’re staring at dead faces when there’s a crazy-fun deathmatch to be had.

Uncharted 2_ Among Thieves™_34


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