Muse, live

5 Sep

On record, Muse are an excellent band. Live, they’ll take your head clean off.

I had the pleasure of being aurally decapitated last night. In Teignmouth of all places – the tiny seaside town where Muse grew up, then ditched when greater things came knocking. It’s a quaint little place, and perhaps the last place you’d expect to find a rock band tearing up the seafront.

They played Cave, the “oldest song they could think of”, which should please the old-schoolers, but I certainly lust after the new material more. The gig was a bit light on this matter (to be delivered in album form on the 14th – I’ll exaggerate my love in more detail then), but it was enough to know it’s something special. The Resistance (the song, not the album) is misrepresented by the previews they released – the Biffy-esque harmony-filled chorus that only twelve people seemed to like merges seamlessly with punchy rock riffs, and Undisclosed Desires is simply fantastic. Even though Matt Bellamy himself seemed confused by the “weird fuckin’ instrument” he was wielding (a keytar with an actual guitar head stuck on, amusingly made and branded by the bloke that makes his regular axes) it’s used to stunning effect – a haunting, beautifully sincere antithesis to the songs about the Credit Crunch and the theory that the Royal Family are lizard aliens.

Nearly two hours of anthemic, heavy, soft, thoughtful, mental  space-rock, all from a band that haven’t played live in a year. Nice to see you again, Muse.


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