Internet Monstrosities: Windows Live Messenger ads

29 Aug

I don’t have an adblocker. Whilst some internet ads are oversized to the point where they sandwich the actual content, as long as they stay in one place as part of the layout they never feel particularly intrusive. And if it’s an Evony ad they can be unintentionally funny as well.

So why, then, do the advertisements of Windows Live Messenger have a habit of making themselves so at home on my screen they sit inmy favourite chair and put on a pair of slippers? The position of the taskbar and the location of the ad (bottom left corner) makes it nigh-impossible to casually open the window and mouse into it without skimming over it, causing it to suddenly expand to what I estimate to be eight or nine times it’s original size. It’s like one of those foamy dinosaurs that expand when soaked in water for 24 hours, only instead of a badass tricerotops it’s a pop-up for a lame off-road driving game with the fucking Cribs on the soundtrack.

Normally moving the mouse pointer away from the ad would make it die and leave me alone. No dice. Surely closing the entire window?


That right there is an advert I don’t want to see, for a game I don’t want to buy, involuntary blown up to cover a fifth of my screen, obscuring a window it’s not a part of.

One time I was playing Fallout 3, since I was so pissed at these things I wanted to shoot people’s limbs off in slow motion, when a flickering rectangle advertising Transformers 2 appeared. Apparently not satisfied with planting itself on top of Firefox like an unattentive fat man sits on his cat, WLM was infecting my games as well. And since Fallout 3 installs itself in such a way that you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del just to switch between it and your other windows, and since doing so carries a likely chance that it won’t let you back in for no apparent reason, I had to stop playing, close the window with the hateful ad, attempt several times to return to my game before giving up and having to ‘End Task’ it away.

You pricks, I had already seen Transformers 2.


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