Biffy Clyro’s ‘That Golden Rule’ artwork found to be weird, have slightly salty aftertaste

24 Jul

…I like the Puzzle reference, at least.

Lord knows why the man from the last album’s cover has seemingly given this grumpy customer part of his shoulder blade – maybe he traded it for some of his weather-controlling powers, only set to ‘pleasant’ rather than ‘perpetual rain’ – but I’m more concerned about the fact that he isn’t steering his boat. There might be sharks. Big, prehistoric sharks! John Barrowman won’t save you!

I could probably talk about how it’s actually a visual representation of the tonal shift between Puzzle and Only Revolutions, the new album, and how Simon Neil is leaving behind (much like the sailor is here)  grief and anger that influenced the former. But I already pretty much summed it up. So I’ll talk about the song instead.

It is, frankly, amazing. When Mountains came out I thought “This is the best thing Biffy have ever done”.  Then when Zane Lowe played this (twice!) two Wednesdays ago I thought “This is the best thing Biffy have ever done”. They share the same ma-ha-hassive choruses and penchant for big riffs, only this time there’s a riff so magnificently gargantuous that it’s been known to be called “The Riff” and make children and adults under 30 and over 45 cry. It might be worth writing to the Ministry of Defence regarding a device that attaches to a tank and can play this song at volumes that can be heard 500 miles away. Then, they’ll be deployed to Afganistan where it shall be pointed at the nearest Taliban stronghold. As we all know, Al-Qaeda only likes jazz and Ragtime, so being subjected to a song of this magnitude will overwhelm and incapacitate them all instantly. I’m a fucking genius.


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